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India Himalayas Tour

The Himalayas : The Himalayas or the ‘Abode of Snow’ stretches from Jammu & Kashmir in north India to Arunachal Pradesh in the extreme northeast India. The Himalayan Mountain Range bisects India from the rest of Asia by its invincible mountain ranges. Though, major range of Himalaya does not cover the entire northeast India, its smaller ranges extends into the remote parts of northeastern states of India, thus it also separates northeast India from the southeast Asian countries.

India Himalaya Tour :  TheHimalaya, youngest mountain system in the word, took place shape as a result of a major geological event millions of years ago when tectonic plate f Indian subcontinent collided with the Eurasian plate.Himalaya  is a Sanskrit word that means the abode of snow.Himalayahas been always been worshipped as abode of Gods. There are Thousands of sacred temples scattered all over theHimalayaregions. Almost all attitudes lakes and ponds are site of annul religious and culture fairs.”Indiawas the mother of race and Sanskrit, the mother ofEurope’s language. She was the mother our philosophy, mother through the Arabs, of much or our mathematics, mother through Buddha, of the  ideal embodied in Christianity, mother through village community of self government democracy.

The Himalayan Topography:The billowy Himalayas beckons with lush green thickets in the foothills of Shivalik Ranges, snow covered Dhauladhar range over shadowed by the Pir Panjal Ranges and the Great Himalayan Ranges. The land is sprinkled by beautiful lakes and luxuriant valleys located between an altitude of 350 m and about 6,810 m, interlinked by rivers and sprawling valleys. The forests, flora & fauna, and natural scenic beauty with salubrious climate is a haven for the visitors. The alpine land, spread over Lahaul and Spiti to Pangi valley, is an ardent destination for Aplinists and a feast of hedonists.

In Himalayas, medicinal herbs have been growing throughout the region since times immemorial. Adventure sport is another area of tourism activities, which yields greater scope for trekking, camping, mountaineering and skiing, etc.

The Himalayas, roof of the world, is a magic place where the magnificence of the world’s highest mountains is mirrored in the rugged beauty and unique culture of the people who live in their shadows.

 Home Stay :

The house shall fulfil the minimum requirement of having one or more room’s accommodation subject to a maximum of three rooms to cover under the scheme with attached toilet facility which will be made available to the tourists as Home Stay accommodation. The promoters are at liberty to submit fresh proposals for approval for setting up Home Stay in the country-side under the “Himachal Pradesh Home Stay, Scheme 2008” With the aim of providing comfortable Home Stay facilities of standardized world class services to the tourists, and to supplement the availability of accommodation in the rural tourist destinations, State Government introduces Home Stay Facilities on the basis of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India “Incredible India Bed and Breakfast scheme. The basic idea is to provide a clean and affordable place for foreigners and domestic tourists alike including an opportunity for foreign tourists to stay with Himachali families to experience Himachali customs and traditions and relish authentic Indian/Himachali cuisine.Home Stay Units, once approved by Department of Tourism, H.P. will be duly publicized. A directory of all such approved establishments will also be prepared, so as to enable domestic as well as foreign tourists to live in a homely environment and to take advantage of the scheme. In addition, efforts will be made to organize short term training in hospitality trade to those who would opt for such training.

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