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All  India  Tour Packages : India An incredible collage of diverse flora and fauna, spectacular wildlife, soaring mountains, gushing rivers, cold and hot deserts and a rich colourful ancient culture. Our endeavour as an independent travel company is to get you to experience this vast expanse in ways that are exploratory, exhilarating, informative and adventurous. We can offer tailor-made programs to suit your area of interest whether it is wild-life safaris, camping, glacier treks, village home-stays, leisure travel, bird watching, angling, river rafting, adventure or visits to places of historical and religious, pilgrimage place importance. We lead our own groups and our distinctive style of travel believes in the elements of fun and flexibility and encourages exploring one’s own interests. Just let us know how many people are travelling, with your choice of activity and we will roll out an exciting memorable trip for you.

India General Information

Summer :- Max 24 degree C , Min 20 degree C
Winter :- Max 12 degree C, Min 0-1 degree C

Mid February to Late June and September to December

Temperatures in Manali
Summer:- Max: 25. C Min: 14.1°C
Winter:- Max: 12. 9 C Min: -5°C

April to September: Light Woolen Clothes
October to March: Warm Woolen Clothes

India  is one of the oldest civilisations in the world with a kaleidoxcopic variety and rich cultural herigatge.It has achieved multifaceted social economic progress during the last 65yrs  of the Independence .

The climate of india may be broadly described as tropical monsoon type. There are four seasons :

1.Winter (Jan.-Feb.),2 Hot weather summer ( March-May ),3 Rainy south-western monsoon ( june-sept.),4 Post monsoon (Oct-Dec.). What ever the  season in india  you have to come carry some woolens, an umbrella for sun or rain and some light and warm clothing as the weather is very changeable at anytime of the day.India, the golden bird of medieval period, is the unexplored destination for the tourist from all over the world. India is a country which portrays amalgamation of different culture, religion, community and heritage. The geographical scenario of the country is very diverse which boasts of spectacular Himalaya, the most new mountain range of the world.  There are many Hill stations situated in the valley of Himalaya such as Kullu, Manali, Shimla, Kashmir, Dharmshala, Dalhousie,Mussorie, Darjeeling, Gangtok, Nainital, Spiti,Kinnauar etc make it an ideal hub for nature lovers and adventure seekers. The golden sandy beaches of Goa, Kerala, Puducherry, Chennai, Mumbai and so more are some prominent attractions for beach lovers and Honeymooners. It is home to the amazing Thar Desert of Rajasthan which offers jeep and Camel Safaris. New Port Travels provides you a memorable journey to one most sought after cultural destination of the world. Being a home to one of the oldest civilization in the world, India is a hub of historical monuments and mausoleums. Taj Mahal, Red fort, Gate-way-of , Charminar, the temples of south india like Khajuraho, the ruins of Nalanda and Mohenjodaro settlements make it the perfect destination for archeologist and Historians.
A visit to these world Heritage sites is really an unforgettable experience in one’s life. India is one of those countries in the world which has preserved its culture and heritage. The most notable religions for instance Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, flourished in the country. In this way we can explore the confluence of many religions, too. As far as the we can explore the natural wealth of the unexplored land is concerned, no country in the world can compete with it flora and fauna. With a wide range of  climatic conditions from the torrid ot the arctic,India has a rich and varied vegetation. It is an ideal home to the several endangered and rarest of rare mammals, reptiles and avian life. And to preserve its natural wealth, Indian Government has established many national parks and wild life sanctuaries where you can explore the beauty of Royal Bengal tigers, Asian lions and many other mammals. The one-horned Rhinoceros is only found in Kaziranga National Park . The great Himalayan range has a very interesting variety of fauna that ncludes the wild sheep and goats,markhor ibex, shrew and tapir. Besides them Indian flora provide wide ranger of options such as: Medical tourism, Eco Tourism etc.

Places of Interest in All India Tour Packages

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