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Jeep Safari and Motor Bike Safari

Jeep Safari and,Motor bike safari is the best option for you, i to explore the Himalayan regions of India,and also the aTribal Area of himachal Pradesh .You won’t find any problem in driving through the cold desert region of Baspa kinnaur, spiti &Lahual valleys. They also make up a good option for sightseeing. you are passing by a toen or a small village.

Shimla is tha place of peace and pleasure now, it is situated in the north –west Himalayas,shimla, the summer capital of india during the pre-independence era , is now the capital of himachal Pradesh Shimla si the perhaps the biggest hill station or hill town of the world at its height 2206 m.

With all its intricacies, history seems to have been the mortar for every brick and stone that has built Shimla. As the summer capital of British India for well over a century it was the seat of one of the most powerful governments in the world. From its cedar-shaded heights, one fifth of the human race was ruled and the decisions made those decades ago affect our lives

Rampur: Rampur was once the capital of the erstwhile Himalayan kingdom of Rampur bushehr. This is one of the biggest commercial towns of Himachal Pradesh and venue of the biggest trade fairs of northern Indian known as Lavi which takes place in the second week of November . It is  dexcending to the banks of the Sutlej up to 1005 metres.

Trekking cum safari  Around in Sarahan

1.Sarahan – Wangtu Trek

Best Period April To june and august 15 to October 15

This is an easy and pleasant trek of 4 to 5 days along the old Hindustan_ Tibet road. One of the main attraction of this trail is the local colour and the traditional way of life of the inhabitants.

1st day Sarahan- chora 16 km.. 1920 m

2nd day Chora- Tranda 1800 m… 8km

3rday Tranda – Paunda !830 m …10 km

4th day Paunda –Nechar 1950 m..12km

5th day Nechar- Wangtu 1830M..5km

2. Wangtu –Pin Parvati trek

Sangla Valley: sangla valley, also known as Baspa Valley , is by far the most beautiful valley of  kinnaur. It starts from karchham-1899 m where the Baspa river , coming from the east, joins the Sutlej. The road for Baspa valley branches off from Hindustan_Tibet road at the river junction  This valley also famous for the trout fishing. A tourist can abtain licence for fishing . another popular trail climbs north-east form chitku and after corssing charang pass 5266 M, goes down N-E to Rathak where tow paths cross; the trail left( N.W) and follows down the tirung Gad to Thangi and then turns north to mornang situated on the left bank of Sutlej river.

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