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Himachal Trekking

Introduciton of Himachal

Himchal  Pradesh is a paradise for walkers, trekkers, hikers, skiers, rafters, climbers and mountaineers. Innumerable treks originate or culminate in the beautiful valleys of  kullu and Manali, chamba and Kangara. Several Mountain passes connect normally inaccessible valleys. Local people have been crossing these passes for centuries with their with their flock of sheep and goats Trekker can enjoy unparalleled beauty on these trails Most of the trails are safe and defined. Several mountain passes do  not require technical skill or mountaineering equipment. There are countless trails that are easy even for the experienced. At the same time innumerable tough treks also beckon lovers of wilderness. Trekkers can leave the technical part to mountaineers while they can enjoy walking on the trails in these hills

Trekking, as many people feel, is not only about walking and remaining fit. Nor is it a pass time  for the eccentric, the rich and the idle. It has become an important outdoor activity for ordinary beings-school children, college-goers, couples, and families. It means travelling long distance by foot in remote villages and meeting cheerful, friendly and hospitable hill people, crossing over high passes with breathtaking views to enter beautiful, deep, serene and secluded valleys. It means spending the night in sleepy little village, roadside dhabas or camping out in the splendid alpine meadows.

Above all trekking means understanding nature, being one with its calmness, beauty and ferocity. Being able to know that we cannot fight her force whatever standard or degree of human development we might have accomplished, all we can do is to accept her gracefully.

Himachal, the land of snow, is one of the most beautiful states of the Indian Union. Landscape is rich and varied: form the fertile plains to lush green meadows, from thick forests to barren mountain-scape. Himachal has a lot to offer to both first-time trekkers and experienced mountaineers. Its valleys, passes and landscapes are still unknown, waiting to be explored and experienced.

There are several peaks in Himchal Pradesh that challenge the mountaineers. Main peaks in  Dhauladhar  range are Mun (4610 m), Toral  (4686 m) and Riflehorn (4400 m).  Kinnaur & spiti region has Leo Pargial (6791), gya (6794), Shilla (6132), Shipki (6608),Kinner Kailash (6500), and Mainrang (6597). Major peaks in Lahual are Menthosa (6303 m),   Duphao Jot (6100 m),Behail N (6302) Behil S (6295 m), Phabrng (6172 m) and Mulkila. However Proper training, skill, equipment and guidance are needed to climb these peaks.

Preparation for the Trip : There are various factors to consider, both mental and physical, in preparation for the trip :

1. Physical conditioning of the cardiovascular system with aerobic exercise.

2. Background reading, maps etc.

3. Passport, visas restricted area permits, travel and evacuation insurance etc.

4. Clothing must be cool and loose fitting, easy to wash and dry, so walking becomes easy

5. Several layers of warm clothing are preferable to one thick layer

6. Sun protection like sun cream, a wide –brimmed hat, sunglasses, lip balm, moisturies.7. Excellent quality medium to lightweight trekking boots that well broken in

7. Medical kit.

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