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Trekking in Himalaya

Introduction of Himalaya : The first step ‘Because it was there’ on why he climbed Everest-“George Mallory”

The Himalaya, one of the most spectacular creations of nature. Why does one wander about in the hills? Why does one trudge up steep slopes only to descend to a point where another formidable ascent stares mockingly for the answer, you just have to try trekking to feel what if could do to your sense, your world-view, your life. Trekking is not about the challenge and the triumph of scaling that brutally tough 26,248ft/8,000m-plus mountain through that complicated route that nobody has dared before.Ladakh, the region of mountain passes, a piece of broken moon land is a wonderful place to witness the supreme beauty of nature. Ladakh is the highest plateau of the Indian state of Kashmir with much of it being over 3,000m. It situated between 32 to 36 degree north latitude and 75 to 80 degree east longitude. The total region of 45110sq km makes Ladakh the biggest district in India. Ladakh area is bifurcated in Leh districts and Kargil. Kargil lies at a height of 2750m and Leh at 3505m. The main town in Ladakh is Leh. Ladakh is famous for its remote mountain attraction and culture. It spans the Great Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges and the upper Indus River Valley. The district bordered Pakistan occupied Kashmir in the west and China in the north and Eastern part and Lahul Spiti of Himachal Pradesh in the South east. Ladakh’s ethnic composition consisted of Mongoloid and a mixed Indo-Aryan population of Mons and Dards. It is sometimes called little Tibet due to strong cultural and geographical similarities with Tibet. The approach to Ladakh is invariably marked with many long walls running 2-3 kms, decorated with engraved stones bearing the mantra “Om Mani Padme Hun” and Chortens which symbolizes Buddha’s mind.

Trekking in India is one of the famous adventure sports awaiting the trekking enthusiast in India. One who are fascinated by the unexplored. The mountain ranges of India offer breathtaking, enthralling trekking routes. In the vast amphitheatre of the Indian Himalayas. In India Trekking enthusiast can also explore the rugged beauty of the lofty mountains romancing the shimmering waterfalls cascading down in glee, like a merry village belle. Experience the thrill of sheer adventure by our trekking tours in India amidst the world’s most beautiful places.

The five regions that comprise the trekking heartland of the Himalaya are: ladakh/Zanskar, Himachal, Garhwal/kumaon, Sikkim/Darjeeling, Nepal and Bhutan

Trekking Guide: A hundred years ago you could not have journeyed in the Himalaya without being and experienced traveller, ready to take risks. Today the situation is much changed, with the tourism playing a vital role. However the Himalaya still form the boundaries of many nation. Travel plans must be made keeping in mind then there is need to be physically and mentally prepared and think ahead when planning.

Today’s styles of trekking: Make sure you like hiking in the first place. Then consider some short hikes nearer home to develop basic fitness. Consider carrying a backpack camping for days together, walking on rough

trails, the different foods, the language barrier, and the time you can allot to trekking. This will help you to select the trek suite to you

Preparation for the Trip :                   

There are various factors to consider, both mental and physical, in preparation for the trip :

1. Physical conditioning of the cardiovascular system with aerobic exercise.

2. Background reading, maps etc.

3. Passport,visas restricted area permits, travel and evacuation insurance etc.

4. Clothing must be cool and loose fitting, easy to wash and dry, so walking becomes easy

5. Several layers of warm clothing are preferable to one thick layer

6. Sun protection like sun cream, a wide –brimmed hat, sunglasses, lip balm, moisturies.

7. Excellent quality medium to lightweight trekking boots that well broken in

8. Medical kit.

Leh & Ladakh : The Last Leg

Geographically, the upper catchment area of the Indus river west of Tibet is ladakh . The great Himalayan range marks the southern boundary, beyond which the monsoon clouds cannot enter, thus forming cold desert in the north ladakh is low and the snow line beyond 18,000ft/5,500 m. Ladakh offers adventurous trekking trips.This is setup between two of the world’s greatest mountain ranges, Himalayan and the Karakoram. This valley banned firstly because of the enemy and then for its strategic geographic position. The attraction here for the tourists are snow clad peaks, translucent lakes, barren terrain etc. The best season to go on trekking in Ladakh expeditions in this region is between July
and September.

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