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Padum – Lamayuru Trek

Trek code: 9 : Padum –Lamayuru Trek

The padum-Lamayuru trek, beside passing through allows you to observe moastic life in solitary places. The monasteries provide a rae glimpse of scared traditions as you go up the Zanskar river valley

Driving up through the Suru Valley from the kargil over Pesi La and down the Stod valley, you reach  Padum, the administrative headquarters of  Zanskar .Spend at least two days to visit the monasteries.

 Day.01) A leisurely two-hour walk takes you karsa village at the foot of the largest and probably the grandest monaster on an awe-inspiring setting of cliffs. Visit near by Avalokiteswara temple a part of 500-yrs old nunnery Descending form the monastery, a short walk takes you to campsite on stod river  near Ulang village

Day.02) IN the morning, after breakfast ,leave the campsite , the trail moves on flast dusty palins and in three hours , you reach Rinam village. In another two and half hours come Pishu village. The meadow below is an enchanting campsite.

Day.03) After Leave the camping site, a daylong detour can be taken to Zangl, the ancient capital of Zanskar across the main river Zangla was a kingdom of four villages enjoying autonomy with the buffer state of Zanskar. It become a separate state in the fifteenth entury. Follow the Zanskar downstream . The walk goes past sand castles on the side. In three and a half hours you reach Pidmu village after corssing a side stream. A two-hour walk further upstream leads to the two houses in Hanomil. Camp has to be pitched beyond the houses next  to barley fields.

Day.04) In the monrning after breakfast , we leave the campsite and another half and hours walk ,the trails follows the Zanskar river, climbing gradually. The trails moves on a long traverse followed by another series of  switchback to reach the top of the Parfi La(12,960 ft/3950 m). A terrific view , one of your last of the river on the trek A fragrant species of juniper is also found on this ridge.Right across is the Parfi La and all around are big bare mountains, some cappend with snow. As the shadows lengthen, the mountains turn mysterious- a thrilling treat for a hiker. But turn in early because the next day bring the longest hike.

Day.05-6) Early in the morning we move from the campsite almost three hours in an enclosed valley. The last hour to Haluma La (16,400 ft/5,00 m) is a straiht climb up the valley’s right After an hour’s descent, the trail climbs up again to the top of the first ridge. In another  hour and a half, you reach the top of the third ridge opening up t o Lingshet. Lingshet is one of the most important monasteries of Zanskar and its maild prayel rhall houses statues of the Buddha, Avlokiteswara, Maitreya, and Mahakala.

Day.07) Morning we leave the place and the trail climbs up and takes an hour and half to the top of a small  pass, Nietukse La (13,800 ft/4,206 m) and you reach the Yongma village and down to a stream below Gongma village in an hour. In another hour, on sawitchbacks from the stream , reach the Kupa La. In two hours more, you reach the base of Singi La that is  to be crossed the nest day . The campsite of  Gazo is next to small stream

Day.08)  In the morning we leave the camping site , a two-hour climb take you a top Sing la (16,600 ft/ 5060m) where you can look up to the Sirsir La (16,200 ft/4,940m) and the valley in between short takes you down to the upper Yapola valley and then the trails gently follows the river downstream crossing this side stream over rock. A descent from the pass leads to Photksar village on the opposite bank of the Photang river, just before the  waters enter a gorge. The campsite is a half –hour away.

Day.09)  A thirty –minute climb takes you to a chorten where the trails turns to the right and the seemingly formidable ridge of Sirsir La rises up. A short steep descent takes you to the valley on the right. It takes you an hour to reach the bridge from the pass. Following the spang on its left bank for two hours, you reach the valley campsite just above Hanupatta village.

Day.10) In the morning we leave the camping site and in an hour walk you reach  Hanuptta set against the backdrop of a sheer rock face . The trail goes down to the stream The  valley open up and the trail reaches Fanji la. In two hours , you rach wanla village , there is dirt road leading out of the village and joining Khaltse on the main Kargil-Leh highway but taking that rout would missing out on Lamayuru. Fo  inspiration, there large supply of beer in the village

Day.11) In the morning you can visit the Wanla monaster before hitting the trail to Lamayuru. It is one thousand yrs old The main prayer hall houses an impressive two- storeyed statue of the four -headed  Avalokiteswara flanked by two equally large ones of Maitreya.  Lamayuru (11,285 ft/3,440 m) surprise  you with its mammoth proportion. You have reached your destination as have may generation of scholars, renunciates and ascetics, centuries before you.

Day.12 ) relax for the day and  Fly  leh to Delhi and extra day be adjusted in case of flight  flight cancellation.

Support service:  Basic food provisions and pack ponies and mules can be arraged at trek place. No other facilities are available on the trail. Be self-contained for the trip;food and camping provisions, a guide be provided by travel agent

What To Be Bring : Good shoes, Warm Cloths, Rain Proof jacket, Two extra pairs of Cloths, Personal Medicine, Torch Light, Small knife, Camera(Optional), Sun Screen Lotion, Sun Glass, Small bag Day sack.

Does not Include :-  Your Insurance, Air Tickets, Bus/Taxi Till Manali /Starting point, Donations, Personal Expanse, hotel stay .(on demand)

Note: – All Programs are subject to change due to Political reason, Natural Calamities, Serious Sickness, and special Reasons.

Cost Per person 150 US $

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