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The wonderland: Himalaya

Introduction: Twelve kilometres away from Darjeeling is tiger  Hill. Frome there you can see the Everest andother giants, but Kanchenjunga (28,168 ft/8,585 m) is the reigning queen. It isthe third highest peak in the world.  Forages the drama of pink turning in to mauve, orange, and scarlet has left  many a schoolboy rooted to the ground.Darjeeling or the Hill of the thunderbolt belonged to Sikkim and was foughtover for between the Nepalese and Sik You kimese. Squeezed in between the twoKingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan, the Sikkim-Darjeeling region is a geographical wonderland.The most important attraction, however, has been Kanchendzonga or the snowCastle of the five Treasures. Kanchenjunga is easily visible from a greatdistance. On a clear day it can be seen from Siliguri in the Bengal plains asone entrains for Darjeeling. The result is a yearly precipitation of snowgreater than in any other Himalayan peak. The snow plaster itself on themountain and fills up every crack with ice The First attempt was made in 1905.But it was only in 1955 that Kanchenjunga was climbed by a British expedition.For the mountaineer and the trekker, the Kanchenjunga region is a near–mystical experience. You do not ley siege to the mountain; you le the elementstake you as high and as far as possible. Then you return with memory of one ofthe most incredible images of the infinite on earth.


ALTITUDE: GOCHA LA (16,208 FT/4,940 M)


Getting There: Arrive in Delhi and transfer in hotel, afterour welcome supper we transfer t o new central station for our  overnight train to Siliguri in the foot hills of Indian Eastern  Himalaya. It isnatural to choose the Kanchenjunga Base camp trek.

Day 01.)   Yoksum –Bakhim :

After  breakfast, we start walk in the morning  from Yoksumto Bakhim. Its a moderate trail. You have two option. With tents, youcan pitch a camp at the Perk Chu Bridge- A five –and –a – half hour walk fromYoksum. If  living in a tourist hut, thenwalk another steep one –and-a-half hours to reach Bakhim.(8,800 ft/2,682 m) youwould have gained 3,000ft /915 m on the first day itself, which could be astrain.

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